Stand Up Paddle

Tailored to your needs

There are various options available for renting stand up paddle boards.
Tankr offers the right solution for every location – also customized on request.

Locking column with rack

The pragmatic rental station solution for stand up paddle boards and more... the modular locking column can be integrated into any existing infrastructure - slim, cost-effective and intuitive to use.

Completely self-sufficient, of course.

Modular locking pillar features

incl. 8-10 locking units, rubberized chrome steel calbel with locking bolt for secure locking of 8-10 SUPs or canoes. Available from CHF 5'450.-.

Chrome steel rack properties

8 or 10-seater chrome steel rack, loadable on both sides, free-standing for 8x SUP and canoe mixed or 10x SUP. Height of locking column: 2000mm. WxHxD rack (loaded): 3800x2000x1800mm. From CHF 2'950.-

SUP locker - 4-piece module

Optimum protection from wind and weather: four SUPs are safely stowed in the locker specially designed for stand-up paddles. The locker can be extended with additional modular elements as required.

Completely self-sufficient, of course.


4 compartments with roller bearings for 4 SUPs, one insert for paddle and life jacket per compartment. WxHxD module: 1300x1200x4000mm. From CHF 8'450.-

SUP Container

The best solution for permanent fixed installations: The converted shipping container. All material is optimally protected against the weather. Winter break? No problem - lock the container doors and everything is sealed (for the high seas). Change location? No problem either - the container can be folded up incl. Transport rental equipment through Switzerland without any problems.

Completely self-sufficient, of course.


20 foot container equipped with: 14 compartments with roller bearings for 14 SUPs, one slot for paddle and life jacket per compartment. WxHxD container: 2440x2591x6060mm. From CHF 32'500.-

Attention: Building permit required.

Still haven’t found the right system?

We also manufacture our Schless systems to measure. We will be happy to show you the possibilities and plan your individual system together with you.

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