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The brains behind Tankr

The idea was the starting signal – and our skills were almost all that was needed to implement it.

Michael Bieri

Michael Bieri, Technology & Sales

Daniel Bächtold

Daniel Bächtold, Software and Hardware Development

Alessandra Pergola

Alessandra Pergola, UX/UI Design

Our company

Tankr is the only independent provider of software and hardware for the professional rental of sports equipment in Switzerland. Tankr AG develops and distributes booking systems (software) & couples these with its own locking solutions (infrastructure) – this is exactly what makes Tankr’s solutions unique.

Our product – your benefit

We can flexibly adapt the Tankr app to a customer’s needs – on request, we can create a “white label” solution of the application just for you. We develop completely “in-house” & implement immediately. Our competent & powerful team will make your rental fit for the digital age in no time. But our software can do much more than just rent out equipment without personnel.

The same applies to our locking infrastructure: we can supply you with the desired locker combination or another locking solution from our product portfolio in all dimensions and colors. Our products can be combined and expanded as required and are fully compatible with each other.

New ideas?

Day locker? Store pick-up tray? Another idea? Doors and other access points can also be integrated into the app and reserved, as well as opened from the app – there are no limits to our system.

Tankr supplies everything you need to run your sports equipment rental business completely digitally. However, you can also combine your on-site staff and our “rental machine” in the best possible way. The advantages of the digital system are obvious.

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